It has been sixteen years since the last dragon flew over Auland.

The world believes them extinct.

The world is wrong.

Sixteen years ago, the strongest of the dragons who once flew free over the kingdom of Auland escaped extinction the only way they knew how; releasing their souls to reside in unaware humans. With a debilitating sickness now spreading through their hosts, time is running out for them once more. Soon they will lose their only chance to return to a changed world.

For a gold smuggler orphaned in the war and the son of a dragonslayer, life will never be the same again…

Kindling Ashes, the first book in a new fantasy series about an attempt to return dragons to the kingdom of Auland, won Lulu’s Wrimo Accelerator competition in January 2014 and was released on 12th June 2014. Read the first two chapters for free! Fanning Flames, the sequel and final book in the Firesouls series, was released on 11th December 2016.

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