Future writing

I have many story ideas, but here are a few of the recurring ones.

Karlinum world

There are two veins to this, set twenty years apart.

First is the story of Orin Myrrdin, a healer-in-training who risks getting thrown out of the Academy of Sorcery when he becomes involved in the movement to abolish slavery in Karlinum.

Twenty years later comes Jak, a street-rat-turned-spy who jumps at the opportunity to travel to his mother’s home country as Karlinum attempts to build a new treaty with the Rian Empire.

Magic Al’s Circus

A children’s book, about a girl who makes the wrong choice of magical circus to run away with. The flying horse flew away, the pixies are out of control and the dragon’s too old to breathe fire. Will she save them from the circus inspector or will she be sent back to the orphanage?

The Day the Empire Fell

The Assassin. The Widow. The Necromancer. The Bastard.
Macro fiction focusing on the lives of four characters on the day an empire is toppled.