Fantasy writing prompts

Every (well… almost every) Sunday I tweet fantasy writing prompts, which I shall compile here.

  • An expert on magic unable to cast a spell is ignored when he finds a threat
  • Famous prophet’s vision proves false, plunging his country into civil war
  • Dragon born fluffy wants to prove he’s just as monstrous as the rest
  • Summer camp for mythical creatures
  • A slave and her owner’s haughty daughter are taken hostage together
  • What if your dark lord/villain/evil overlord woke up in the body of your protagonist?
  • WW2 soldier transported from battlefield to a war of magic with odd similarities
  • Mix Blood Brothers & Dawn Summers (as in Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 2 people are Keys. One is worshipped, the other sent to live in obscurity
  • Daughter of a tyrant disguises herself to study at famous magic school & uncovers a plot against her father
  • False prophets have ruled for years, but now a real god in human form is plotting their downfall
  • A world where you live your timeline in a random order. Aged 6 one day, 84 the next, 21 the next.