Where can I buy Kindling Ashes?

Check out the links here!

What’s the difference between full and essential alerts on your newsletter?

I realise not everyone wants to hear all the updates for the Firesouls series, so I created an ‘essential alerts’ category. If you sign up for this you will only get emails on release dates to let you know there’s a new book available. If you sign up for the full newsletter you will probably get an email about once a month, passing on any new material on my website as well as news about how Kindling Ashes is doing and the progress of Fanning Flames. For the most up to date news, check my blog.

When is Firesouls Book II/Fanning Flames coming out?

Hopefully 2015. I’ve started writing it and I know exactly what happens (but who knows if the characters will run away from my plans on their own adventures). As soon as I have a firmer idea of a release date I will update this.

What’s the Wrimo Accelerator competition?

As part of NaNoWriMo 2013, Lulu ran a competition to feature several books and assist in their publication. 3000 manuscripts were entered and Kindling Ashes was one of ten that won. As part of this I had a cover designed, received 100 free copies and Kindling Ashes was featured at BEA 2014 in New York. For more information, see this article: Lulu and NaNoWriMo Team up As Authors Prepare for Massive Creative Writing Project